- Earth Alliance Forces High Command



With the self-justifying iPhilosophy of 'democracy and equality for all'.  The EAF has the largest ground forces and is the most present in the terrain battles, fielding its iHuman forces against the other factions.

The Earth Alliance Forces formed itself to protect itself from the common people.
Its primary decree of authority was that common people were simply unable to exist without the proper bureaucratic machinations inter-fearing in every aspect of their lives and without this force for good, they were a danger to themselves.

The EAF High Command protects the common people from the FIVE NATURAL FLAWS:
1) The flaw of individual thinking.
2) The flaw of knowing facts from lies.
3) The flaw of individual emotion.
4) The flaw of the family unit.
5) The flaw of private property and ownership.


The true history of the Earth Alliance Forces is shrouded in mystery, some theologians say that the EAF forefathers were in-fact Fallen Angels, that the EAF region of humans are descendants from off-world Angelic beings, who were cast out of a higher realm, to the edges or four corners of the known world, a millennia ago. These fallen giants would eat humans and battle each other until they were almost wiped out. Some records suggest that there are some of the remnant giants entombed in the ice walls, hibernating until the end times, where they will rise again to strike back against heaven.

However, the EAF History-re-engineers state that the Fallen Angel accounts are fairy-tales for morons; they state without error, that the EAF was formed by Aliens, who seeded the world with their sub-race mutants (humans) as a workforce for themselves to exploit for cheap labor and food, and that there is probably an Alien spaceship trapped beyond the Antarctic Circle ice wall, which if restored may be capable of returning them to the source world (stars) yet undiscovered. It is likely that the craft is holding some Alien passengers in deep stasis or some other form of hyper-sleep.

Either way, the Falling Star icon was unanimously approved as the flag and logo of the Earth Alliance Forces.

The newly enacted "Solemn Citizens Active Mandate" ie SCAM Act, all EAF citizens were vaccinated against the most recently patented, lab created biological terrors. These 'vaccines' used mRNA sequencing, allowing the direct editing of an entire organism from the inside out.

Shortly afterwards, a mysterious infertility syndrome affected the citizens as the natural birth rate dropped off significantly. This meant that the benevolent EAF High Command enacted the iSOURCE and iCLONE projects.

The iSOURCE objectives was to secure the most complete, original, unaltered and unedited genetic sequence of the best EAF citizenry to create the perfectly spliced DNA for cloning. After months of scanning for sequences, no citizen carried any suitable DNA, so the iSOURCE team dropped the requirement for 'unaltered' and 'unedited' from the specifications and instead used archive DNA from one of the fallen Giants/Angels to make up the missing sequences. This new DNA strand required 6 Gigantis (Giant) pDNA sequences, multiplied by 60 reptillian derived mDNA strands, multiplied by 600 viable human sDNA encoders, creating a new iHuman triple helix of 216,000 protien-based DNA sequence. Far superior to the standard 144,000 double-helix DNA of the original mankind.

The iCLONE process started immediately and shortly afterwards the demand ramped up due to the new Expired Product Syndrome decimating the old working population. The new iHuman clones became the steady supply for the terra-wars that followed.


Earth Alliance Forces is the PRIMARY STARTING POINT for faction-less war-refugees, transient anomalous individuals or undocumented civilians, captured prisoners of war who are deemed suitable for the new iCitizen chipping and re-education camps operated by EAF High Command.

Earth Alliance Forces FM 7-1 & 3-11.3 Recruitment Training and DNA Recombination Requirements


-When you join EARTH ALLIANCE FORCES, you join with the LARGEST combat ready force in the known world!
We train the largest volume of new recruits into hardened battle-ready soldiers, fit for combat and we are the only force to dominate the combat fields with our soldiers*

* count includes deceased soldiers


Earth Alliance Forces is the only Force that unites under the perfected democratic rule.
Why leave thinking in the hands of the public, when you get to follow orders to the letter by the elite ruling class of the High Command or be summarily liquidated; a bio-friendly iRecycle* program that cleans up unnecessary and underutilized resources.  It is great for the environment and O.K. for you!

*iRecycle is also the leading supplier of the delicious iEat front-line ration packs for the soldiers of the Earth Alliance Forces!

Carefully PLANNED:

EVERY mission is carefully planned for the maximum SHOCK and AWE against the smaller factions.  We spare no soldier when gaining the ground!  Your leaders follow the directives of the EAF High Command to the letter and when you are lead into battle you can rest assured that your very name* will be commemorated on the walls of the future cities of FREEDOM! 

All EAF soldiers enjoy singing loudly the boot-camp learned marching song when going forth into battle:

"LONG LIVE THE Earth Alliance Forces SOLDIER'S NAME on the walls of VICTORY!"

*EAF soldier enlistment serial number only, only those of rank above Captain.


You can leave the complicated thinking to us, EAF High Command takes care of the hard statistics and outcome concerns, using carefully programmed Artificial Intelligence.  This takes away the clumsy and slow thought processes which are often bogged down with careless and selfish thoughts such as; 
- Will I survive this encounter?
- Is this objective in the middle of nowhere even worth the massive loss of life?
- Will ducking and covering actually work for the new sub-molecular* wave-effect weapons, being dropped from high altitude?
- Is my weapon really the best choice against my enemy, or was it manufactured by the cheapest bidder?

*common items such as wood and brick is believed to be able to prevent sub-molecular disruption, although this remains unproven thus far/no survivors (or parts there-of) have been recovered.


As a soldier in the LEADING force, you (yes YOU!) get excellent benefits, such as;
- Recycled front line ration packs (YUMMY!)
- Repurposed (proven) armour from both fallen fellow and enemy combatants!
- The latest experimental camouflage in need of field testing!
- An early retirement plan and package in the E.A.F. VICTORY CITIES*!
- A fold-out, virtual, digital iCompanion; designed to keep you motivated with pre-recorded and personally profiled psychological statements

*retirement plans are applicable for new captured enemy cities only.


You just wouldn't be complete as an EAF soldier, unless YOU had the latest technological advantage!
The NEW iCompanion ensures that YOU stay motivated and sane* to make sure that you give everything to the battle and leave nothing to return home to!  The iCompanion is the latest in fold-out self-improvement, virtual and digital motivation and companionship*

The iCompanion offers the MOST for both the soldier and EAF High Command!  Tailored to your unique psychological profile, it knows when you are not doing your best and can offer excellent front-line advice, such as;
- When you should throw yourself into the battle as an explosive ordnance with legs
- Self-improvement statements, such as "Stop bleeding" and "You don't have permission to die yet!"
- Encouraging words in times of need, such as "Get up and fight or you will be reported!"

Not ONLY that, but the latest model has advanced direction sensors, allowing it to give mandatory electric compliance stimulation (shocks), which are FANTASTIC if you are wandering off due to severe concussion injury from enemy mortar attacks, or if you are showing signs of leaving the battle too early without EAF High Command approval!

*iCompanion is a field-recycled product and may have previous user statistics in memory and or faulty or corrupted personality profiles present.  EAF High Command make no warrant-able statement as to the stability of the virtual assistant, or rumors of an electronic psychosis and or malignant code profile due to previous battlefield trauma.

Every CLONE is a WINNER!*

When you join with the most AWESOME FORCE in the combat, you needn't worry if your combat skills are too low!
As an EAF soldier, you will soon discover that ALL other general enlistment soldiers are pretty green too!  In fact the survival rate is SO LOW that you will probably be promoted IF you survive your first encounter with the small faction enemy, and if you DON'T SURVIVE, you wont care about it anyway!

Thanks to EAF's iClone technology, your NEW clone will still have the horrifically gruesome and terrible memories of your last death(s), giving YOU the UNIQUE ADVANTAGE over the enemy who did NOT die, as YOU now know exactly what NOT TO DO!

... A life-lesson well learned indeed!

*iClone does not guarantee that you WILL learn your lesson from your last death, or that you will improve your combat ability over time.

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