- United Corporate Federation High Command



The United Corporate Federation is a select few of responsible bloodlines and [REDACTED] across the world who see the need to keep humanity in a perpetual state of arrested development, where they are too occupied scraping a living out of the cesspool of life to even have the time to think why they are doing their menial jobs every day, while living their toxified, pathetic and putrid lives under the conditions placed upon them BY the [REDACTED]

The United Corporate Federation is the re-crowned [REDACTED] of the world, preventing all others from ever thinking or let alone acting above their allocated class.  It is this long-term stability that ensures that things progress perfectly as planned, ensuring that the maximum productivity can be squeezed from the lower masses before they expire.  The U.C.F. has its tentacles in all areas of life, including government, religion, military, media, money, entertainment, science and education.  It is by design that the 'lost' and rumored technology never sees the light of day, as the U.C.F. elite enjoy these innovative and game-changing breakthroughs on a daily basis, while the rest of the world is busy chasing the latest controlled fad, social-acceptance program and latest culture-destroying trend put out there to distract from their infinitesimally boring existence.

The motto of the U.C.F. is a simple one: Eternal World Domination for its own kind, hence U.C.F High Command's choice of a yellow-warning flag representing the enslavement of all in the enclosed world, under the threat of violence and the rising fear of violence as its true wings to achieving this.

The method of the U.C.F. is: Wage war by deception, thus most of the involvement is around false flag operations, be it starting conflicts or wars abroad or antagonizing known rivals and enemies on the verge of peace, back into war.  Thus providing generous 'rebuilding' projects, with freshly minted NEW currency, to enslave the culture with its crushing usury through the fiat banking system.

The only time [REDACTED] U.C.F. forces are involved directly with a land-based conflict, it is for leisure; a Most Dangerous Hunt!


The core houses of the United Corporate Federation are rumored to be [REDACTED].  They extend their operations to those who are half-blooded with them, but no further.  As the full blood U.C.F. [REDACTED] require an occasional mixing, they do recruit operatives from the wastelands and smaller factions on occasion, but evidence suggests that even they are used as expendable soldiers, with no intention of them being included in the grand lifestyle enjoyed by the Pure and Half blood U.C.F. [REDACTED].

Some speculate that they are descendants of the highest ranking leader of the [REDACTED], an earth-born offspring of blue-blood [REDACTED] descent, whom have changed their appearance over millennia to mimic the human race.  They have gained power over the centuries of the history of human civilizations by staying loyal to their own kind at the expense of all others, including their host nations with which they swear loyalty to, but secretly sabotage and exploit for their own race's profit.  Through the use of usury, bribery, blackmail, assassination, diluting of the host race and exploitation, they have crippled kings and kingdoms, destroyed unbeatable armed forces and obliterated cultures from the face of the earth and [REDACTED] the [REDACTED] with [REDACTED] [REDACTED] of [REDACTED] record.

They are the proud enemy to all life on earth and are seeking a way to retake the world from the formerly loyal puppet nations they positioned into their one world government structure into their final Utopian dream of  [REDACTED] recreated on earth.


Recruits are required to prove themselves in battle, typically against overwhelmingly large forces, with superior captured N.E.B. equipment and a few hidden tech advantages such as; [REDACTED] ,  [REDACTED] and the newest form of  [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] between remote locations!
Tasked with a few specific objectives (e.g. assassinations, sabotage), they are required to be unseen and avoid all contact until their target(s) are known or identified.
Recovery after the mission and or support during a mission is not common, unless they are a U.C.F. Regular and there for the thrill of the hunt.

United Corporate Federation CM 33 & 1/3rd Recruitment Prospects and [REDACTED] of your fellow [REDACTED] 


-When you join [REDACTED], you join [REDACTED] force [REDACTED]
[REDACTED] new recruits [REDACTED] battle.
[REDACTED] combat equipped [REDACTED] [REDACTED] soldiers!



United Corporate Federation is the leading supplier of  [REDACTED] which is known to reduce  [REDACTED] and prolong [REDACTED].
The core substance found in this sustains the bloodline and longevity of the  [REDACTED] houses, whom are the source of the other world tech, allowing us to  [REDACTED] easily between [REDACTED] worlds.
Your direct involvement in the procurement of [REDACTED] will be monitored by [REDACTED] and any deviation from the  [REDACTED] [REDACTED] will be met with immediate termination via the orbital [REDACTED] system


Prospects for Genesis  [REDACTED] :

U.C.F. High Command, is responsible for the  [REDACTED] of individuals with the potential of re-engineering their  [REDACTED] to mimic the human populations, allowing them to pass themselves off as being 100% human when biologically scanned.  This is one of the many  [REDACTED] projects we are actively working on to  [REDACTED] the human race.

*U.C.F. makes no guarantees to the effectiveness of the Genesis [REDACTED] process or the survival rate of your new [REDACTED]. Your [REDACTED] will not necessarily be an exact copy of your psyche.

Off-World Opportunities for  [REDACTED]:

Off-World opportunities exist the right opportunist, providing they [REDACTED].
Entry level opportunists are graded on their ability to  [REDACTED] the  [REDACTED] in such cases where  [REDACTED] are available for editing or collection.
 [REDACTED] is always considered in high standards by the  [REDACTED] [REDACTED] committee. 


Longevity Assured via  [REDACTED]:

Your skills and abilities will not be lost should you [REDACTED] or become [REDACTED], as they are stored live on the  [REDACTED] system for future training of  [REDACTED]. -What an honor!
The quantum [REDACTED] maintains a constant eye no the battle from [REDACTED] and is so far [REDACTED] undetected by [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. This gives our deployed soldiers, contractors, [REDACTED] and recruits the advantage over the enemy by allowing [REDACTED] interference with [REDACTED] systems which they currently deploy on mass and rely upon so heavily.

*Refractionalization is highly experimental and has not been actively developed for over [REDACTED] years, the [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] may have adverse effects on your [REDACTED] stored at the [REDACTED].

Stealth  [REDACTED]:

[REDACTED] and the [REDACTED] systems are [REDACTED] to becoming [REDACTED] on  [REDACTED] with  [REDACTED] in mind.
The new  [REDACTED] allows the conter-active  [REDACTED] reflection of  [REDACTED] to mimic its surroundings with a cloaking  [REDACTED] effect.
The downside is that common  [REDACTED] will cause a ripple or static effect, disrupting the  [REDACTED] from  [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] effects around the wearer.

Firing your weapons will give your location away, unless you use the [REDACTED] on-board  [REDACTED] shoulder mounted  [REDACTED] systems.

* The deployment,  [REDACTED] and operation of the [REDACTED] with [REDACTED] is originally intended for a non-human operator.  The [REDACTED] was developed under contract by the former Weyland-Yutani science division.

Be on the side that  [REDACTED]:

You can know for certain that [REDACTED] is in charge of  [REDACTED], so there can be no  [REDACTED] [REDACTED] in who  [REDACTED] to whom!
When it all comes down, don't be on the [REDACTED] or [REDACTED]!  Be in the small select group who are willing to  [REDACTED] themselves for  [REDACTED]!

... And MOST important of all; never EVER [REDACTED]*!!! 

*Not redeemable.

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